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About Us

Our Philosophy

Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward in your life.

About Us

Websoft Technology Nepal is a privately owned software company in Pokhara. We delivers various IT services including, IT outsourcing, hosting and cloud services, custom software application development, social media development and application development for local and international clients. The company’s clients include some of the most prestigious banks, media companies, government agencies, and small to mid-size companies representing a wide range of industries.

Our Vision

To be the leading broad-based IT knowledge and solutions provider to customers globally.


To create value to our customer by providing solutions that will enhance profitability and competitiveness while sustaining environmental friendliness


Websoft’s vision and mission statements clearly indicate our commitments to our customers. Websoft's partnership with customers focuses on sustaining competitiveness and promoting global eco-friendly environment. The creation of Websoft's core values adds impetus to support the strategy and commitment in realizing our mission and vision.

Never Give Up! – Brick walls are there for a reason

We believe that in every approach we take, we have to fight against many brick walls without giving up. We understand that brick walls are there merely to let us prove how badly we want things.

Listen to Feedback Loop

We believe that we grow higher and become stronger when we learn to listen. Human beings and nature are continuously speaking to us, lets learn to listen.

Show Gratitude

We never fail to show gratitude to our team, the people and also the nature. We believe that every individual and business is responsible to the changes and development of the mankind and nature sustainability.

Team Togetherness

We have a very strong relationship, fellowship and friendship among our team members. We work together, we accomplish our goals together and we celebrate our victory together because all of us believe in fulfilling the founder’s dream into a successful business.

Our Skils

  • HTML5 - 95%
  • CSS3 - 80%
  • JavaScript - 90%
  • PHP - 90%
  • Mobile Apps - 80%
  • Cloud Service - 75%